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Tuesday, 09 May 2017 17:39

Racepass reshapes racing industry with new platform and subscription service that helps runners save more the farther they run

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With 17.2 million race finishers in the US alone in 2015*, there is an audience and an appetite for distance running. But the industry is ripe for disruption—traditional race participation is down for the first time in 20 years*; races and sponsors are frustrated with inadequate reach and frequency; and for runners, it’s difficult to find races and expensive to participate—until now.

Launching today, Racepass, the first subscription-based membership for distance races, is reshaping racing with a platform that connects runners, race directors and race sponsors to get more people running more races. For a flat annual fee, Racepass membership covers full registration of a pre-set number of races for the year at a discounted cost, helping runners save more the farther they run.

Racepass was founded by Chase Rigby, Tom Hammel and Thomas Hanson, three Googlers and running enthusiasts who were frustrated with how complicated and expensive it was to sign up for distance races and recognized a demand for syndicated sponsorship in the industry. They built Racepass to bring down the barriers to entry and get more people running more races.

“As runners, it was obvious to us that the simplistic nature of running wasn’t reflected in the racing industry. With Racepass we want to encourage people to run more races, help race directors lower the cost of acquiring race registrants and give race sponsors and athletic brands a more efficient advertising solution,” said Chase Rigby, Racepass co-founder.

From fun races like the Bay to Breakers in San Francisco to the breathtaking Honolulu Marathon in Hawaii, runners can choose from Racepass’ global network of 5,000+ races in 30 countries worldwide, with distances ranging from 5K to the full marathon. Race registration fees vary depending on the race and can cost anywhere from $100 to more than $200 per race. Running enthusiasts can search for complete race listings for free at racepass.com/map.

“Racepass is poised to create a new racing paradigm. The racing industry is a multi-billion dollar market with untapped potential for a technology platform that can organize race information across the world and allow users to discover races and promote the sport,” said Brent Knudsen, Founder of Partnership Capital Growth, Managing Director of Financo, and Racepass advisor.

Racepass benefits all members of the racing community. For runners, it eliminates the administrative headaches of finding, registering and recruiting for races. For race directors and brands, it provides opportunities to advertise products and events, helps promote races and facilitate corporate sponsorship opportunities, and offers direct access to thousands of active runners.

Racepass initially offers three race packages for different running levels: The Contender ($195/year for 3 races), The Athlete ($295/year for 5 races), and The Pro ($695/year for unlimited races). Everyone will be able to access to Racepass’ discovery tools, including maps and social streams for free.

Building beyond its subscription model, Racepass plans to roll out a suite of additional offerings directed to help race organizers attract and maintain runners, and partners, including advertising and promotional opportunities for retailers and brands.


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Editor’s Notes:

*Source:RunningUSA Annual State of the State Reports -- U.S. Road Race Trends


About Racepass

Racepass is the first subscription-based membership for distance races. For a flat annual fee, runners can purchase 3, 5 or unlimited races for the year, choosing from Racepass’ global network of 5,000+ races with distances ranging from the 5K to the full marathon. By covering the full-registration cost of races, Racepass helps runners save more the farther they run.  Racepass simplifies the race discovery and registration process and connects runners, race directors and brands to enhance the racing experience and get more people running more races.  Founded by three Googlers, Racepass is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. and has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding. For more information visit racepass.com and follow @racepassusa on Twitter and Instagram.

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