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Monday, 12 February 2018 20:19

Cichocka dreaming of one more step

Written by IAAF- Len Johnson
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Interesting article from the IAAF about Polish middle distance star Angelika Cichocka. The article seems to mostly focus on her recent training camp in Australia. Most notable to me from a coaching perspective is how her 800 meter PB improved last season when her training shifted more to a 1500 meter emphasis. Don't underestimate how much having some training sessions more typically used by people who train for an event slightly shorter and/or slightly longer than yours can benefit your main event. In the example of Cichoka, her 800 background and training surely helped her with the speed at the end of a championship 1500 and her 1500 training and racing would help her aerobic ability in the 800 as well. Enjoy this piece from the IAAF...

As a first-time visitor to Australia, much less the high plains village of Falls Creek, Angelika Cichocka didn’t know quite what to expect.

One thing she did not expect, though, was the crush of a speed session on the dusty and grassy 4WD tracks alongside the aqueducts channelling water into the Rocky Valley Dam. With three-figure numbers attending the work-outs, traffic control is as much a part of the session as is physical effort.

Read the rest of the article at https://www.iaaf.org/news/feature/angelika-cichocka-poland-800m-1500m

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