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Tuesday, 27 February 2018 17:39

Training Tips From COACH Alan Webb

Written by RBR- Jeff Benjamin
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Alan Webb is one of the finest milers and middle distance runners ever produced from this country. The amazing thing about Alan, no matter if it was a good day or bad day, the guy spoke with us. The pressure on Alan, and I am not saying this for you to feel sorry for him, was tremendous. In the end, Alan Webb put more pressure on himself than media and fans. That was because he knew, instictively, what he was capable of.

His versatility, from 1:43.84 for the 800 meters to the NR of 3:46.91 for the mile, to the 13:10.86 for the 5000 meters, to the 10,000m in 27:32.72 was more than impressive.

I have been fortunate to see Alan Webb at events with his wife and children. He is happy, which is a big deal for any retired elite athlete. Jeff Benjamin caught up with Alan regarding the new business that his wife, Julie started (not running related), and the coaching service Alan has become involved with, http://www.rundoyen.com/

Read the rest of the article at http://www.runblogrun.com/2018/02/training-tips-from-coach-alan-webb---by-jeff-benjamin--225.html

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