Coaching Athletics Quarterly
Wednesday, 28 February 2018 17:58

What’s behind the medals

Written by Vern Gambetta
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Interesting take from legendary coach Vern Gambetta on the decline and evaporation of physical education in America leading to a decrease in early exposure to instruction in movement skill acquisition and thus future athletic potential decreases...

The bottom line is that for a long time the American “non-system” has served us quite well. What has happened? The first thing that changed was the erosion of mandatory physical education to the point where today there is only one state that has mandatory physical education K – 12. The most obvious impact is that youngsters are no longer exposed to systematic physical activity. They are no longer taught basic movement or sport skills as part of an organized curriculum. What we failed to notice is that because physical education was no longer mandatory and that less physical education teachers were being hired. The physical education teacher made up the pool of trained coaches. Then there came an increased emphasis on academic achievement to the exclusion of physical education.

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