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Wednesday, 28 March 2018 17:27

Remembering Dr. David Martin, through the eyes of Keith Brantly

Written by RBR- Jeff Benjamin
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Great look at a great coach/athlete combination in Dr David Martin and 1996 Olympic Marathoner Keith Brantly. My favorite coaching nugget from the article is "It's not how much training you DO, rather, it's how well you recover from the training you DO DO. Because, if you get injured or sick from DOing too much, you are in deep DOO DOO." Dr. Dave says, "The Do-Do Rule covers a multitude of sins for the runner and has never been proven wrong." Also, the bit about long-term planning is also very relevant to coaches, Dr Martin wrote a 16-year plan for Brantly when they first started working together! Enjoy this piece from RunBlogRun and Jeff Benjamin...

If there was an American Runner truly devoted to the training theories and encouragement from the late Dr. David Martin, then Keith Brantly definitely fits the bill.
One of the nation's top runners during a 20 year span over more than 2 decades, the 1996 U.S. Olympic Marathoner didn't just consider Dr. Martin as just a consultant, but as something more.

Here are Brantley's reminiscences of his most valued mentor.

"This is a snapshot of a small part of Dr. David Martin's life and our time together. I use the terms "snapshot" and "small part" because my time with Dr. Dave was just a moment in time for him. I'm very certain and I recognize the stories of several hundred other athletes, coaches, colleagues and friends who interacted with Dr. Dave could fill a several-thousand-page journal. I only believe my story is unique because he was my coach, and he always made me feel that, to him, I was the most important person on earth.

Read the rest of the article at http://www.runblogrun.com/2018/03/remembering-dr-david-martin-through-the-eyes-of-keith-brantly.html#more

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