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Wednesday, 04 April 2018 15:49

Nassau Guardian- New attitude essential for The Bahamas to get near Jamaica’s high standard

Written by Fred Sturupp
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Fred Sturupp takes a good look and makes some great points about how the level of Bahamian athletics can improve. Through increased education of and cooperation amongst coaches, as well as increased access to high quality coaching Bahamian athletes can close the gap on their Jamaican rivals. Enjoy this article and ponder how the suggestions in it can be used to improve your own coaching...

No doubt, it still can be said legitimately that The Bahamas has a rivalry with Jamaica in junior track and field.

A few questions popped up though, following the 47th CARIFTA Games (that translates to the Caribbean Junior Track and Field Championships), which concluded on Monday night at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium. Jamaica won handily.

Well, has Jamaica gone further ahead of The Bahamas? Is the gap too wide for there to be any major adjustments in favor of The Bahamas in the near future? What needs to happen for The Bahamas to put up a real fight against Jamaica when the CARIFTA Games roll around each year?

Read the rest of the article at https://thenassauguardian.com/2018/04/03/new-attitude-essential-for-the-bahamas-to-get-near-jamaicas-high-standard/

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