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Thursday, 12 April 2018 17:08

How to Harness Your Mental Strength, According to Marathon Record Holder Deena Kastor

Written by Rozalynn S. Frazier
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When it comes to running, or any fitness feat for that matter, it’s not just about how well your body performs; it’s also about your mental strength. And that is exactly what Olympic bronze medalist and long-distance runner Deena Kastor, 45, talks about in her new memoir, Let Your Mind Run ($27; amazon.com), on bookshelves today.

“Our choices, thoughts, and perspectives are the drivers of our physical ability,” explains Kastor, who is racing the Boston Marathon next week. “A pessimist might have the ability to reach their goals, but decades of positive psychology would support that optimism makes reaching your goals easier—and may also give you the ability to reach beyond what you’ve ever expected out of yourself.” Here, Kastor shares some of the mindfulness techniques she’s learned over the miles.

Read Kastor's tips at http://www.health.com/fitness/olympian-marathoner-deena-kastor-mindful-running-strength

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