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Thursday, 19 April 2018 15:56

Andrew Wheating Gives High School Coaching A Shot

Written by Milesplit- Cory Mull
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When Andrew Wheating arrived at his first high school practice at Portland Madison last fall, it didn't sink in that he was a coach until teenagers starting asking him rapid fire questions. 

Can I do this after practice? 

How many miles am I doing? 

Hey coach, why does this hurt? 

"It was really weird to tell you the truth," said Wheating, 30, an Olympian and former University of Oregon great who retired in January after seven years as a professional runner with the Oregon Track Club Elite. "The first couple of days of practice, while the head coach addressed the team, we would then split off and do our thing. And kids would start asking me questions. I would nod my head. Who me? Oh yeah, I'm a coach. I totally forgot.

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