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Monday, 31 December 2018 18:57

Allyson Felix has a daughter, Camryn, some thoughts on Ms. Felix

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runblogrun opines: Allyson Felix was able to enjoy much of her pregnancy outside of the eyes of the media. We think that is good. That she choose to share her challenges is her decision, and we respect that. Best wishes to Allyson, Camryn and her husband. If so inclinded, check out our recent magnum opus on Allyson, as J. Stuart Weir asked 28 questions: http://www.runblogrun.com/2018/12/28-questions-to-allyson-felix-by-stuart-weir-for.htmlr of the famed sprinter.

In my belief, Allyson Felix is unique in the sport. She is a racer. She is the finest racer of her generation. Her speed over 100m-400m is excellent, but it is her racing skills that make Felix unique. She has focus, drive, and desire. A work ethic that is to be respected, her finest race was the Rio 400m, where she took the silver, but, due to jingoistic US television, the race did not end up according to NBC producers plans, and instead of celebrating one of the finest races in Olympic history, where 2 athletes put it all on the line, it was suggested that the gold medalist did something untoward.

Allyson Felix gets it. We look forward to seeing her build to Tokyo 2020. At the end of the day, Allyson Felix knows that she has to earn it, one gut wrenching race at a time.




Allyson has a daughter

INDIANAPOLIS (USA): Six-time Olympic champion Allyson Felix gave birth to a girl, Camryn, on November 28, it was today announced. The 11-time world champion sprinter had the announcement planned but then needed an emergency C-section at 32 weeks. She and Camryn are both doing well despite the newborn needing to remain in intensive care. "I'm trying to be open to what God has in store for me and my family," she wrote. "I still feel nervous and vulnerable. But I also feel brave and excited. Every day I sit with my daughter in the NICU and watch her fight. Every day she gets stronger and more beautiful." From teamusa.org.


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