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Athletics NZ High Performance Director Scott Goodman reflects on another successful year for the High Performance team and looks ahead to a 2018 campaign with the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games as its pinnacle.

Thursday, 21 December 2017 19:18

Courtney Frerichs' top tips

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Courtney Frerichs in 2017 proved she knows how to deliver when it counts. The US steeplechaser shares her best bits of advice.

Championship tip

Wednesday, 20 December 2017 19:38

Dave Hunter's 2017 Female Athletes of the Year

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Selecting a single track & field performer as the Female Athlete of the Year is a difficult task every year. And this go-around is no different. Four of my top "finalists" - all with gaudy, yet nearly evenly-matched, credentials accumulated during this championship year - would be worthy to wear the AOY crown in almost any other year. But in my view, the one other finalist is head and shoulders above the others. Before unveiling my rankings in this clearly-subjective undertaking, a quick review of the measurement metrics is in order. Long ago, Track & Field News identified three progressively-weighted criteria for the annual evaluation of the leading performers. They are:

One of the more unique training sites in any sport, the hammer field at NASA's Moffett field on an area where semiconductor waste used to be dumped has seen some of the event's best train on it the past few years. Proving that nothing is truly required for the highest levels of athletic success beyond talented and motivated athletes and good coaching and a place to run, jump or throw, the athletes that train here might be forced out of their training home.

This is part two of David Hunter's feature on Clayton Murphy's ecstacy then agony. It is a piece for all coaches and athletes to read. There are times that the best laid plans do not work out.

How do you learn from them? How do you get back on the proverbial horse? That is the question.

Clayton Murphy provides some thoughts on where 2018-20 are going. It should be exciting.

Sunday, 10 December 2017 19:15

Clayton Murphy's Roller Coaster Year, Part One

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RunBlogRun opines: This is part one of a two piece series on Clayton Murphy, the 2016 Rio Olympic bronze medalist at the 800 meters. In 2017, Clayton Murphy took on some new challenges, and it did not work out according to his plan. The evolution of a middle distance runner has its ups and downs. For Clayton Murphy, 2017 was, well, as David Hunter just described it, a roller coast year. This is David Hunter's coverage of a surprising year of 2017 for Clayton Murphy.

Zadar – the home city of Stipe Zunic – was once described by iconic movie director Alfred Hitchcock as having "the most beautiful sunset in the world".

And perhaps the eclectic sporting journey undertaken by the Croatian world shot put bronze medallist could best be summed up as having as many twists and turns as a Hitchcock thriller.

Tuesday, 05 December 2017 01:08

My greatest challenge – Courtney Frerichs

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World steeplechase silver medallist Courtney Frerichs runs with a fearlessness which has allowed the rising US endurance runner to flourish on the international stage. But that approach to racing hasn’t always been there.

Thursday, 30 November 2017 17:42

My greatest challenge – Karsten Warholm

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World 400m hurdles champion Karsten Warholm was last weekend named the male IAAF Rising Star of 2017. The 21-year-old from Norway says that his switch from decathlon to his current event has been one of the most demanding obstacles in his career so far.

EXPLOSIVENESS helped Usain Bolt to eight Olympic gold medals.

Now he has drawn on his power to help Australian cricketers utilise the asset between the wickets.